Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) Services Atlanta, GA

Scalp Micropigmentation is a popular and non-invasive treatment all around the world. The special method uses detailed small needles known as micro-needles to insert pigment into the scalp. The outcome creates the perfect appearance of tiny hair follicles. This helps to thick and restore the look of fuller hair with your desired outlook.

When you opt for the best scalp micropigmentation artist in Atlanta, it can thicken your remaining hair, restore receded hairlines, cover the transplant scarring and deliberately produces the look of close-cropped hair. The Scalp Micropigmentation technique is also effective for people who are suffering from minor hair thinning, recession, or hair loss.

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Get the best scalp micropigmentation in Atlanta, GA and enjoy the finest look of yours.

Scalp Micropigmentation shaved head effect and hairline restoration

SMP Shaved Head Effect and
Hairline Restoration

At Elite Institute of Micropigmentation, you will avail the benefits of customized hairline restoration with effective scalp micropigmentation services. It allows you to create the look exactly as you want, starting from youthful to a mature persona. One of the biggest advantages is that scalp micropigmentation does not require any surgery or medication, unlike hair transplants. Our professional and award-winning SMP artists can help you achieve the desired look in just a few sessions only.

Enjoy your younger charm with a successful scalp micropigmentation treatment in Atlanta.

When you prefer a shaved effect, our procedure intends to give a clean and close-shaven head of hair look. Good for you that itdoesn’t require any care or maintenance. Organic pigment is inserted between hair-producing follicles, following the hair’s natural growth pattern.

With the best SMP hairline restoration in Atlanta, GA, apersonalized hairline complements your entire facial features. Above all, it creates just the perfect and attractive appearance that boosts your self-confidence.

Scalp Micropigmentation density treatment for Thinning Hair to make hair appear fuller and thicker

SMP Density Treatment
for Thinning Hair

Scalp micropigmentation density treatment is one of the popular and effective treatments used by many in the world. What does it do? It fills in all the bald spots, spaces, or areas where your hair is thin or thinning. If you think about hair transplants then you will face many obstacles like high cost, surgery involvement and in the end, you may not achieve your guaranteed outcome.

Instead of this, opt for the scalp micropigmentation that requires only the insertion of pigments that need to be interspersed with existing hair to give a mirage of thick hair. It looks real and feels real! SMP Density treatment for thinning hair in Atlanta adds around 500 and 1,000 microdots per square inch of your hair. It covers all the exposed areas of the scalp as well.

We, at Elite Institute of Micropigmentation, believe in quality.Our experienced and specialist scalp micropigmentation makeup artists use different colors of pigment so that the outcome always delivers a natural look. As we use multiple pigments, so it lowers the contrast between skin color and hair color.

As a result,it gives the impression of a full head of hair, as same as the real one. It may happen that the pigments fadea bit with time. But if you change it to more muted colors in contrast with changes in hair color, you can always maintain the look no matter what your age is.

As for the people, pigments can be refreshed after three to six years if required.

Scalp Micropigmentation for Scalp Scars, Scars Camouflage

SMP Scar Camouflage
for scars

It is quite normal to have scars on your scalp causedby different reasons like surgery, injuries, hair transplants, or others. For this instance, scars camouflage treatment is always the best choice that will make the scars invisible visually and completely. Top-notchscar camouflage treatment in Atlanta, GA helps to even out skin tones. It also assists to fill in empty spaces on the scalp for achieving the real-life effect ofnatural-looking hair. With the treatment, the scar lines disappear visually.

Each and every scar is different. So, it requires a full-fledged custom approach. Some scars protrude, some stay at the irregular shape and some are indented. Our experienced and knowledgable scalp micropigmentation makeup artists operate with every type of scars, including all those caused because of previous hair transplants or scalp reductions results.

As a well-known scalp micropigmentation clinic in Atlanta, we always remember that each person is unique by their characteristics. So, the needs are different as well and that’s why we proffer customized and personalized scalp micropigmentation treatments. It will help to boost your self-confidence significantly with an enhanced appearance.

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