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Beard Micropigmentation - For even-looking facial hair

Do you feel you have weak or uneven beard growth? Do you wish to have a strong and mushy beard? Elite Institute gets the solution just for you - Beard Micropigmentation in Atlanta, GA.

Beards are the most prominent for male beauty. Do you agree? Not only does a full beard look great on any guy but it also brings out your natural handsomeness. At Elite Institute, our service goes beyond the scalp and we take extra care to deliver the best facial hair restoration.

This procedure is equivalent to Scalp Micropigmentation service. Our SMP experts do this treatment using ink to imitate the appearance of hair follicles. Our skilled technicians have advanced training and a specific eye to create a hyper-realistic look.

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Change The Look Of Your Beard – How Does It Work?

Safe, tried, and tested method for fully-grown facial hair

Beard micropigmentation is the most natural-looking way to enhance your facial hair. The results look amazing and are long-lasting. Beard micropigmentation is the same as the scalp micropigmentation procedure for treating thinning hair loss.

In every single session, pigments are applied to yourfacial skin to imitate the appearance of hair. Once the treatment is completedyou will look like you have a full, close-shaven beard.However, if you have uneven beard growth, we can treat thinning patches effectivelyusing beard micropigmentation.

We at Elite Institute have been delivering beard micropigmentation for many years. We help our male clients get beard tattoo to gain their self-confidence back.

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Why choose ELITE for Beard Micropigmentation?

  • Platinum Member of The American Academy of Micropigmentation
  • Award winners and featured in CBS news
  • Member of the Better Business Bureau
  • Team of licensed aestheticians, SMP artists and hair loss professionals
  • Recognized as the industry leader
  • Our technique produces the most realistic hair replication
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Before and After Results

Check out our scalp micropigmentation before and after results to see how natural our results are.

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You can always call us at (678) 818-6001 to find the best solution for you.

Get the best beard micropigmentation in Atlanta, GA and enjoy the finest look of yours.

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We always deliver a hassle-free experience to our clients. 48 business hours of the prior cancellation notice is required to place so that we can cancel or reschedule your appointment. However, if you fail to give us the 48 hours of the cancellation notice period (Sunday and Monday are not included), you will lose your deposit amount. When you book your new appointment again, an additional deposit amount will be required to reserve it.



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Beard Micropigmentation Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Beard Micropigmentation Frequently Asked Questions

Beard micropigmentation, also called facial micropigmentation or cosmetic tattooing for facial hair. This is exactly the same as scalp micropigmentation. It is intended to imitate the look of natural stubble by treating bald patches.

Beard Micropigmentation is one is an ideal solution for men who struggle with growing an even stubble. It is best for clients who have patchy beards. It is also recommended treatment for those who are transitioning into the LGBTQ community. Beard Micropigmentation can be used to treat scars, surgical scars, burns, and other types of skin anomalies.

Beard micropigmentation looks realistic and natural when it’s performed by a skilled artist. It is essential to get this treatment from an SMP expert, this is exactly what we do at Elite Institute. The micropigmentation used on the beard area differs from the micropigmentation used on the scalp as the beard follicles are bigger and rougher.

Beard Micropigmentation forms a fuller beard by layering impressions with a special pigment inserted beneath the skin. After each session, the beard gets darker and we at Elite Institute say - Beard Micropigmentation is an art. It requires eye and exceptional skill to create a natural look.

The longevity of Beard Micropigmentation depends on several factors. It depends on the skin care products, sun exposure, and lifestyle. However, it lasts between 3 to 5 years and later it starts fading.

This depends on how much work patch area you wanted to treat. The cost varies from 500$ to 2000$. Your SMP specialist can guide you after understanding your need.

Beard micropigmentation or beard tattoos for men can add volume to any beard. It won’t give you actual hair strands but can create the illusion of density of fuller hair. At Elite Institute we examine and understand the natural hair strands to give a denser look and help to enhance your confidence to the next level.

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Our office is centrally located at 3060 Mercer University Dr, Suite 310,Atlanta, GA 30341.

The nearest airport is Middle Georgia Regional Airport which is 11 miles away and the Atlanta Airport (ATL) and Mercer are at a distance of 73 miles.

Civic Center Station is just 1 hr drive from Mercer. Easy to visit us with major highways which are just minutes away from our clinic.

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