Things To Know Before Getting Permanent Cosmetic Eyeliner

By Milla Rosen, November 22, 2021


It’s a great choice when you think of getting a permanent cosmetic application of your favorite eyeliner. Lots of beginner fashionistas find it difficult with a typical eyeliner to put the perfect touch that ensures the utmost charm and appeal. This is the reason, switching to a permanent makeup solution can be a good idea. A permanent eyeliner applied by cosmetics specialists in Atlanta can make your day ecstatic. Make sure that you choose a professional who is a specialized makeup artist for permanent eyebrows and microblading treatment.

The preparation process

The preparation process is somewhat like preparing for any tattoo. This means blood thinners are applied in the form of aspirin. These are prescribed 3 days back before starting the process. The intention is to minimize potential bleeding. You may choose to consult with your personal doctor when blood thinners are prescribed. Make sure to stay away from products that enhance eyelash growth. Permanent makeups are also useful as a pre-Botox process and thus, it is done to minimize any uneven result.

Who should stay away from permanent makeup?

Remember not to choose permanent makeup procedures if you have any serious illness related to the immune system’s natural healing ability. In such cases, it is better to consult with a renowned physician. If you are in the profession of nursing or planning to conceive in the near future, permanent makeup is not an ideal choice.

It’s safe to remove any lash extension before a week of your permanent cosmetic procedure. Professional makeup artists in Atlanta who specialize in providing services related to permanent eyebrows will help you choose the right method based on the existing conditions.

Things to avoid when getting inked with permanent makeup procedures

Make sure to stay away from glues that come with lash extensions. Glues or the presence of adhesive can interfere with the application of inks used in the procedure.
Remove, if you are using contact lenses. Make sure to plan this for a few days as after the procedure you may not be able to use contact lenses due to swollen or tender eyes. However, some clients are able to put back their contact lenses on the same day. Also, please note that you cannot take aspirin 3 days before the procedure. In addition to that, alcohol and coffee must be strictly avoided the night or morning before the procedure.

What is the duration of the procedure?

The procedure takes about an hour, depending on the skills of the makeup specialists. The duration may also vary depending on the types of permanent eyeliner application being used. Depending on your skin, the numbness process used before the application may take a maximum of 30 minutes. Time taken for aftercare instructions depends on personal health conditions.

Overall experience for permanent make procedure

The procedure is amazing and painless. Different types of numbness creams are applied depending on the pain tolerance you have. Therefore, the point of comfort and discomfort is based on the same. An added advantage to this is, there’s isn’t any downtime and you can simply drive back to your home safely.

The entire process of permanent makeup will be appropriate if you get in touch with the experts at Elite Institute of Micropigmentation. Feel free to get in touch for a consultation at (678) 818-6001.

microbladed 3D Hair Stroke technique
microblading 3D Hair Stroke technique at Elite Institute of Micropigmentation

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