Five Things To Do Before Your SMP Treatment

By Milla Rosen, January 27, 2023

Five Things To Do Before Your SMP Treatment

If you have a scalp micro pigmentation treatment coming your way, then there are a few things to keep in mind to make your treatment smooth and to make results last longer. In this blog we will delve into 5 things to do before your SMP treatment:

1. Moisturize Your Scalp

There are chances of the needle bouncing off if your scalp skin is too hard. So it is extremely important to moisturize your skin before SMP treatment. If your scalp is properly moisturized then the pigment will be distributed evenly and will even last longer. You have to moisturize your scalp two times a day for softer skin. It will even reduce discomfort during treatment.

2. Do Not Consume Any Blood Thinners

Consumption of alcohol, aspirin, coffee, etc will make your scalp bleed. And this will make the treatment very difficult to do. It can even cause bruising and swelling which will be very painful for patients. So it is better to avoid consuming these things before treatment.

Note: It is best to delay treatment if you have any cuts or scrapes on your scalp.

3. Wear Comfortable Clothes For The Procedure

Wear comfortable clothes for the procedure as you will be sitting for a long period of time. And don't forget to bring your earphones to listen to music and relax during the procedure. This will help to make the experience more pleasant and relaxing.

4. Eat Healthier

During and after the SMP treatment you'll need plenty of energy and thus is it better to be stocked up on healthy food. Healthy food will

  • Make sure that the Scalp gets all the nutrients
  • Reduces the risk of infection
  • Reduces the risk of scarring after the treatment
  • Hormonal conditions that cause hair loss, like PCOS

5. Make Sure Your Scalp Is In Healthy Condition

Taking care of your scalp before treatment is crucial to get the most effective results from treatment. Some scalp care tips are:

  • Use mild shampoo and conditioner. Avoid harsh products
  • Light exfoliation and moisturizing treatment before the procedure is recommended
  • Avoid hair styling products, such as gel, mousse, or hairspray
  • If you have the problem of dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, or psoriasis, it is important to treat it before your SMP treatment

These were a few tips to get the most out of your SMP treatment. Follow these and you are all sorted for treatment. If you are looking for a reliable SMP in Atlanta,GA. Elite Institute of Micropigmentation is the best solution for you with 15 years of expertise in the field. Get in touch with us now.

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