What is Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)?

By Serge Bovbalan, June 2, 2021


Male pattern baldness and other forms of hair loss can drastically reduce one's self-esteem. Hair loss not only affects men, but women as well whether due to genetics, hormones, certain medical conditions, etc.

Scalp micropigmentation is a great alternative for men and women who are balding or losing their hair whether from male pattern baldness, female pattern baldness, alopecia, or any other type of hair loss. It is also used to make thinning areas appear thicker and add more density.

In this article, I'll tell you everything about scalp micropigmentation, how it works, the essential benefits that you’ll gain from getting yours done!

What exactly is scalp micropigmentation (SMP)?

Scalp micropigmentation, or SMP for short is an innovative solution to those with hair loss problems that gives the illusion of volume and thickness by creating the illusion of hairs on the scalp using pigment.

SMP artificially creates the look of hair on the scalp, giving a more youthful appearance. It is also used to conceal hair transplants or injury scars. SMP is tiny dots that are applied to give an elusive impression of hair follicles. The application process by experienced artists from Scalp Masters Atlanta gives attention and detailing to make it appear as realistic and natural as possible.

Scalp Micropigmentation involves matching pigment color to existing tone and it builds up over time to give you back your natural look. It has become very popular due to its affordability, convenience, suitability for men or women suffering from any type of hair loss or thinning hair on their head.

How does SMP work?

SMP is done by applying pigment on the scalp with varying sizes and shapes. The follicles and pores in our skin are all vastly different. Some techniques use both single point and three point needles to cover up these wide ranges that exist naturally!

Choosing the right color, size and spacing of a pigment can be tricky for anyone without expertise. A good stylist or professional will take all these variables into account in order to determine which hair loss solution is best suited to each individual's needs.

A SMP expert should know that when choosing a hairline it’s important not only what look they want but also how their skin tone may affect the hair color chosen as well as other factors such as head shape and current condition of one’s hair density.

Benefits of SMP

After SMP, people are often surprised at their own reflection when they look into the mirror for the first time after the process has completed- there's no doubt about this improvement. To say this procedure is a game changer is an understatement!

1. A younger look

The effects of hair loss can be devastating on self-esteem, but it doesn't have to stay that way. With a scalp micropigmentation procedure from the skilled professionals at our facility, you'll get back your youthful appearance and feel like yourself again.

2. Increased confidence

Your appearance boosts your confidence. You may think that it doesn't, but believe me: every man knows the importance of a great haircut! A new hairstyle can change how you walk and talk—and that's not all!. Getting your SMP done will give you an extra lift in self-assurance to take on life head first with no hesitation.

3. Longevity

Unlike traditional wigs, which can become dirty and dusty overtime; scalp micropigmentation is permanent. Even when your hairline recedes or you have to color the roots of a wig again, skin pigment will stay for years on end, only requiring a touch up once everry 7-10 years with proper aftercare.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is SMP detectable?

You can't see it, and you shouldn’t be able to detect it unless someone uses a microscope. The results will depend on the skill of the technician doing the procedure.

Can I have the hairline of my choice?

Of course! Hairline is a popular choice for those who want to cover up bald spots, or as an alternative to wearing wigs. We are specially trained and will advise you on the best style based on your head shape and hair color.

Is SMP permanent? Will it change color?

Yes, SMP is a "tattoo" and like every other tattoo it's permanent. The color pigments are often touched up for sharpness but nothing happens to the general outlook of this art form.

Can I scrub, shave, or shampoo my hair after the procedure?

You can do all these things after five days of having your SMP done.

Does the SMP procedure hurt?

This treatment does not hurt, many say it is just minor discomfort. We also make every effort to reduce any discomfort and do have the option for a topical anaesthetic.


Scalp micropigmentation is the answer for those who are suffering from hair loss problems. No one knows this better than we do, and that's why it will be our job to give you a result so natural looking that no one would know unless they were standing right next to your head while it was being done. These treatments won't just cover up any bald spots or thinning; you will get your confidence back!

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