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Milla Rosen: Permanent Makeup and Microblading Artist

Milla Rosen: Permanent Makeup Artist at Elite Institute of Micropigmentation

When searching for a skilled permanent makeup and microblading artist, you can be swallowed by seemingly endless choices. You want your technician to have experience in multiple areas. She needs to understand the structure of your face and where the bones lie. She needs to be able to assess what angles work best for you and how to achieve them. Her appointments need to feel friendly, relaxed, and professional. She needs to boast years of prior experience with satisfied clients that either keep coming back or refer their friends and family. In the Atlanta area, Milla Rosen meets all of those requirements and more.

Born in the USSR, Milla received a Master's Degree in electrical engineering. Having this skillset enabled her to draft repeatedly. This has given her an extremely steady hand, which is essential when creating uniform and professional cosmetic lines. After immigrating to the United States, Milla began to work as a makeup artist and esthetician. Her experience in this field has given her unique knowledge about both skin and facial bone structure. Understanding the skull well, she is able to provide natural shapes and arches with her permanent makeup.

Having worked successfully doing permanent makeup for almost twenty years, Milla has incredible experience and expertise when it comes to both advising and performing quality work. Her unique skillset, talent, and experience separates her from the competition.

Now an educator and business owner, Milla loves what she does more than ever. She can make any client feel like a friend. Former clients have remarked on the comfortable and relaxed nature of her appointments and the near painlessness of the procedure. When Milla does your service, you can be sure that you'll love the result.

Milla has experience with many different forms of permanent makeup. She is an AAM board certified and fully licensed esthetician helping perform micropigmentation for balding men as the head of the Atlanta Treatment Center. Her work returning confidence to balding men has made her one of the most requested technicians.

For those seeking the more typical permanent makeup services, Milla offers multiple options. She is able to fill in eyebrows with 3D hair-strokes or completely redesign them for fresh starts. For lips, she can rework the outline of the lip or use micropigmentation to fill in the entire lip surface. The micropigmentation also allows her to fill in areas of skin that are discolored, creating a smooth appearance. With her permanent eye liner service, Milla uses her expert knowledge of color to create fuller eyelashes and draw attention to the eye.

Some clients, however, may be searching for corrective cosmetic services. Milla has been referred by dermatologists for her work and is proud to offer scar camouflage and reconstructive pigmentation. These services often benefit those seeking even skin tones following facelifts and breast reconstruction or augmentation.

While all of her experience shows she has the knowledge and ability to perform excellent work, it is her client reviews that truly do the talking. Milla has been described as "caring, compassionate, and empathetic." She has helped several clients with alopecia, some returning to her yearly from distances as far as California. She can boost your confidence in just one appointment by creating symmetrical eyebrows, fuller lips, and even skin tones

Milla holds the experience, licensing, and creativity to fulfill your permanent makeup or corrective cosmetic needs. Applying makeup can absorb minutes of your day and hours of your week, all to have to wash it off at the end of the day. Let a professional permanent makeup artist like Milla Rosen help you save time and money. Contact her today to set an appointment.

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Best permanent makeup in Atlanta as seen in CBS 46 news!
Best Female Artist 2016! SCALPA Best Procedure SMP Award 2016.
Best Procedure of the Year Scalp Aesthetics Award 2016!
Member of the American Academy of Micropigmentation (AAM) for 15 years.
Milla Rosen: American Academy Of Micropigmentation Certified Member

Milla Rosen is an AAM board certified permanent makeup artist and fully licensed esthetician helping perform micropigmentation for balding men as the head of Atlanta Micropigmentation Center.

Scalp  Aesthetics Best Procedure Award - Milla Rosen, Atlanta, GA 2016
Scalp Aesthetics Best Procedure Award
Milla Rosen, Atlanta, GA

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